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Cousins Reunion Photos - please submit to familyinfo@koelble.com

Thank you to Nick and Patty for organizing the party -- it was wonderful!

Please click here to enter information on yourself and your family for the Family Tree. There are over 1000 people entered into it so far, but many dates and locations are missing. Please help by submitting any information you can.

The family tree I've been working on for 28 years will be available online soon. A password will be required to view the current family members, but the ancestral charts will be viewable and searchable by all internet users. The last names of all living relatives will not be available, nor any personal information of any kind, to anyone. 

If you would like to share your personal information among other family members, an email chain has been started.

-- Kathleen Koelble H


Descendents of Johann Fidelis Koelble

Descendents of Michael Ufheil